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These are the frequently asked questions

How do I place an advert on

New to Then follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Start your Advert.

• Click the Place an Advert link shown at the top of each page to get started.
• Type your school’s postcode into ‘School Postcode (Address Lookup)’. If we have your school’s contact details on our database, then the name of your school will appear immediately. If we don’t have your school on our database, a new registration panel will appear for you to enter your school’s details.
• Enter the Job Start date and your introductory paragraph (please, no more than 50 words here). This paragraph should be compelling – its purpose should be to attract initial interest from prospective applicants. (Note, this short description of the job will appear with your school logo on the ‘Grid View’ of job adverts).
• Happy with what you have written so far? – Yes? Then click the red ‘Continue....’ button.....’

Step 2: Finish your Advert.

• Now describe the position in more detail and set out the qualifications, experience and skills you believe are required to do the job.
• Provide all the necessary information (for example: closing date for applications; salary; full-time/part-time; type of contract; etc.)
• Tell the applicant how to apply.
• Do you have an information pack or form for applicants? You can upload this afterwards. Let’s get your advert finished first.
• Finish with some background information about your school (your school logo can be uploaded later).

Step 3: Set up an account with us and subscribe (just £250 plus Vat for unlimited adverts for 12 months).

• Just enter your contact details (your name and your email address which you will later use as your log-in name for accessing the account) and a password of your choosing.
• Click the red ‘Place your Advert’ button – this will take you to the payment page.
• Choose how to pay - by credit card (the school’s or your own) – you will be taken to a secure encrypted facility operated by Barclaycard - or pay by cheque (we allow you 14 days to get your cheque to us).

Voila! Your advert is now listed online – and you will now get immediate access to your own secure School Admin panel to manage this advert and any others that you wish to place. (You can now upload your applicant forms or information pack and your school logo here to complete your advert).

Oh yes; we will also send you an email with your account sign-in details for your future use and an invoice for your records.

I have already prepared a draft advert on my computer. Can I copy and paste this draft into the format?

Yes, of course. No need to type everything again. Go ahead, just copy and paste. Note that you will need to type in your school’s postcode at the beginning, in order to get you started, and also click dates on the drop-down calendars when specifying the closing date for applications and the start date of the job.

Can I change the text of my advert whilst it is still live?

Certainly, go ahead. You can edit your advert as many times as you wish and at any time. You have full control over your advert.

Can I extend the closing date for applications?


Panic! I was part way through typing the advert and had to attend to something else. My draft advert has disappeared. Do I have to start from the beginning again?

Don’t worry. As a temporary measure we store your draft advert up to the point where you stop typing and attend to other matters. Click on the Place an Advert page again - a message will appear to tell you that we have some data that you have already filled in. Click the ‘Restore Form data’ button that will also appear and your draft work will be restored. Note, this only works for up to 24 hours from the point where you stopped typing.

I need to re-advertise and re-issue the previous advert. How do I do this?

Once the closing date for applications has passed then your advert is transferred to your Archive in your School Admin Panel. Just click the ‘Make Live’ button and your advert will be shown again on the current job listings. Make sure to update it for the new closing date for applications and new start date.

How much does it cost to place an advert on

For just £250 (plusVat) you can place as many adverts as you like at any time during the 12 months of your school's subscription. Once you have taken out a subscription you can advertise immediately. Need to advertise again in ten days or ten weeks or even ten months time? No problem, just place another advert instantly - at no extra cost.